Partner Membership Terms

The StructD Partner Membership is meant to offer a way for companies to directly support active StructD development and maintenance, beyond feature requests and bug fixes. It ensures that going forward, there are team members dedicated to improving all aspects of your StructD experience. From snapshot processing performance considerations (where our efforts have been focused for the latter half of 2018), to multi-machine transactions across a cluster (the first quarter of 2018), a partner membership helps us bring these kinds of benefits to all StructD users.

Our Partner Membership provides the following services and benefits:

  • All of the benefits of the Basic and Advanced Support subscriptions, without the limitations.
  • Parner Membership support will not be over-subscribed; we will hire and train new personnel as necessary to meet Partner Membership support needs.
  • Each Parner Membership entitles your organization to 60 hours of dedicated engineering support personnel, for answering questions or developing improvements to StructD.
  • Part of the Partner level of support is the development of features at your requests, but this support level also supports the development of features already on the roadmap: computationally free transactions*, low-memory transactions, faster Lua scripts, lower-memory use for all structures, etc.
  • On-site visits are not typically included with Partner Membership, but can be arranged depending on your location, needs, and our personnel.


  • This support package is limited to 60 hours of support time per month.
  • As part of your Partner Membership, your emails should be responded to within minutes during 9AM - 5PM Pacific working hours. If not (and your questions / requests are simple), please re-submit via our web interface to ensure your messages are being properly routed to your dedicated support personnel.
  • Each support package subscription is usable by a single team of developers in your organization.

Buying a Partner Membership

A Partner Membership costs $5000 (US) for one month, billed monthly. After signing up, you can pay via credit or debit card online and get (more or less) immediate access to the services you’ve paid for. If you need an invoice, would like to pay via wire transfer, or if you’d just like to speak with a human to compare your options, call 1-925-587-8283 or send an email to and we will take care of you as best we can, including getting you an invoice, making sure your purchase order matches our invoice, etc.

* Nothing is actually free, but the cost of keeping transaction information for an arbitrary O(1) or O(log(n)) operation is generally ~.1 microsecond, or 10-100x faster than the read() or write() system calls used to read the request from the client and respond with the result. Free transactions are the future with your help.

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