Basic Support Terms

The StructD Basic Support subscription is a great way to get private and fast answers to your questions about StructD or Redis like:

  • “How do I sort by multiple fields?”
  • “What’s the best way to store these xx million keys if I need to look them up by attribute(s) yy?”
  • “What are reasonable settings for replication buffer sizes, given my dataset changes 1% every hour?”
  • “How can I model these concepts?”

While documentation for Redis and StructD are both ever growing, and you can likely find the answer to your problems online; being able to ask a professional can save time. Whether you are a commercial or personal user of StructD or Redis, if you need answers to your questions fast, our Basic Support subscription could be the right answer.

Services provided with our Basic Support subscription:

  • Private answers to your technical questions about StructD or Redis
  • Private advice on modules, Lua, and custom modifications to StructD or Redis
  • Private answers to modeling, query design, data, and query optimization questions
  • Priority bug report handling
  • Priority feature request consideration over non-paying users
  • Be notified of updates and fixes to versions of StructD via rss or Twitter


Our Basic Support subscription is meant to offer an entry-level support package for StructD or Redis users. For you the subscriber, this means that there is a practical limit to the support we can provide, given the price of this package. Generally, this is a time limit of 10 hours on our end, but this mostly means that if you or your organization thinks that you might need more than 10 hours of support in 12 months, or would need after-hours or holiday support, you should consider our Advanced Support subscription or even a >Partner Membership.

If your questions are easy and fast to answer, you will never hit our limit. Bug reports and feature request discussions are not included in these limits, though feature request discussions will be moved to a lower priority channel (where fast response times are less necessary).

  • Priority email support during 9AM - 5PM Pacific working hours (excluding holidays). While you should ideally receive a response within minutes during working hours, we can’t guarantee any fixed response time. Please re-send your email if you’ve not received a reply by the end of the first business day, and please call to let us know we’ve missed your email if we still haven’t replied by the end of the 2nd business day.
  • After-hours email and phone support available with extra charge
  • We can help you isolate StructD or Redis from your application / platform, for helping to determine the source of bugs. But while we are happy to give you technical advice, we cannot write code for you as part of our Basic Support subscription.

Getting More Support

If you or your organization needs more support than is offered by our Basic Support subscription, you should consider our Advanced Support subscription or even a Partner Membership. If neither of these suits your needs, you can request a quote for a customized support package.

Buying a Basic Support Subscription

A Basic Support subscription costs $1000 (US) for one year, billed annually. After signing up, you can pay via credit or debit card online and get (more or less) immediate access to the services you’ve paid for. If you need an invoice, would like to pay via wire transfer, or if you’d just like to speak with a human to compare your options, call 1-925-587-8283 during business hours or send an email to and we will take care of you as best we can.

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