Advanced Support Terms

The StructD Advanced Support subscription is an upgraded version of the Basic Support subscription, providing more support opportunities and less restrictions.

In addition to the services provided with Basic Support, our Advanced Support subscription provides the following additional services:

  • Ask your questions over the phone 9AM - 5PM Pacific working hours (excluding holidays), or send an email with callback information, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.
  • Be notified of updates and fixes to versions of StructD via email, RSS, or Twitter
  • At your request, specifications, and our discretion, we will develop custom software solutions for your problems; either for inclusion into future versions of StructD, or for your private use.
  • Priority feature request consideration over non-paying and Basic Support users.
  • We will backport Open Source Redis fixes to your older version of Redis, on request.
    • We will backport fixes to released versions of Redis under 1 year old, and will consider backporting certain fixes to “final” versions of even older releases (this only applies to Redis release 2.8.24 and 1.3.12 at the moment)
  • We will backport StructD and Redis fixes to older versions of StructD, on request.
    • The most recently released version of StructD should have all upstream bug fixes applied, in addition to any fixes on our end. But if you are tied to a previous version of StructD, we will backport non-architectural fixes to any released versions under 1 year old, and will consider backporting to older versions as requests arrive.
  • Get custom builds of StructD to include or exclude specific functionality, subject to platform availability.
  • On-site visits are not typically included with the Advanced Support Subscription, but can be arranged depending on your location and needs.
  • If you need immediate phone support from a human being 24/7, you can call our “Help me now!” line, and you will directly ring one of our support members. Each call to our “Help me now!” line will incur a $2000 urgency fee, which can be paid before the call.


  • This support package is limited to 11 hours of support time per month.
  • While you should ideally receive an email response within minutes, or even someone answering your phone call during working hours, we can’t guarantee any fixed response time. Please re-send your email if you’ve not received a reply by the end of the first business day, and please call to let us know we’ve missed your email if we still haven’t replied by noon the 2nd business day.
  • Each support package subscription is usable by a single team of developers in your organization.

Getting More Support

If you or your organization needs more support than is offered by our Advanced Support subscription, you should consider our Partner Membership. If none of our available options suits your needs, you can request a quote for a customized support package.

Buying an Advanced Support Subscription

An Advanced Support subscription costs $1000 (US) for one month, billed monthly. After signing up, you can pay via credit or debit card online and get (more or less) immediate access to the services you’ve paid for. If you need an invoice, would like to pay via wire transfer, or if you’d just like to speak with a human to compare your options, call 1-925-587-8283 or send an email to and we will take care of you as best we can.

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